Friday, July 30, 2010


I wish that the humans would understand and LEARN
about that
these insects are not just beautiful
but extremely helpful
in Nature's work.
Painted Lady from England

Domino butterfly from England

Brown Meadow from England

Dragonfly from England

on Long Island N.Y. USA

Buzz :) from England

How helpful they are?
By carrying pollen from one flower to an other
they are the "father" of many
new lives creating even new species in the Pant-world!
Most of the insects published here
are from England
by the kindness of Argo's
exclusive photographs.
Blue bird got only one photo of a bumble bee.
Years ago some unconsidered order was "executed" spraying around chemicals to kill mosquitoes, but they killed more useful creatures for times to come.
We do not have butterflies here
on Long Island since this
anti Nature order was put in effect.
There are small businesses in California
they selling butterflies
mostly for children to learn about Nature.
I'd like to get some to release them HERE.


  1. Heisann!
    My husband let the grass grow to preserve the clover blossoms of which nectar the bees are so fond of.
    As you know our garden is wild!

    Oslo is not far, one hour and a ten minutes by train... and the concert was worth the effort!

    Have a nice Sunday

  2. Heisann Nina: Vilt og vakkert!
    That is very nice to hear a good news, that there are places on Earth where people see the way I see: the clover flowers!
    Here is a neighbor, old lady, has a big lawn around the house. Men are coming to cut the grass. There was some time ago that it was covered with pretty clover blossom.
    Did not take long: they cut it and the heat came and the grass totally burned out. I have never seen that lawn to be watered!
    But as you know there are no butterflies, bees an other insects--- no need for pretty fowers. It is so sad!
    I must end my message with something positive: I am really thinking to get some butterfly coccuns to hatch!
    Not far from here is the only garden with many beautiful flowers. I will release the
    butterflies there on her property and I am sure: she will be very happy!