Friday, July 23, 2010

Heat lovers....

Is there anything or something what loves the heat?In our region the flaming red
Tiger Lily
is blooming in July.
But naturally in a heat
which is comfortable
for everybody.

Too much is too much

and at 100 F even the
Tiger Lily
would close the petals.
These photos from Blue Bird
are from previous years.
The killer heat this year
hurt the Lilies also.

Heat, heat, heat
is the word for this
July 2010.
for August
some moderation.


  1. They say we have had 14 days of over 90 degrees this month. It's only the 23rd. That's only 9 days of less than 90 and those days were in the upper 80's so I don't see much difference. Tomorrow's gonna be real bad. Take care.

  2. Thanks Mary for your comment. Yes it is in the weather forcast for tomorrow a real bad day, but will not reach 100 F. However the humidity is SEVERE starting today.
    Don't worry, on those out of control heated days I don't go out, stay with the A/C and doing some housework.
    Not very inspiring times of the year: all I can say.

  3. Hi Julia i hope the heat now getting to you too much. Weve had some rain here over the last week and i has cooled right down, no signs of summer left, the evenings are turning nippy already i do hope the sun will return soon x x x x

  4. Hello Crystal! Very happy to see your comment.
    If you want some details from here, please see the next post:SUMMER TIME is all text! Unusual for me, but took a chance!
    Thank you for your kind comment! Wish you to be well and enjoy the coming times: summer is not over!!! :)