Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time to lit the fireplace

Since ancient times of mankind
the fire was a very important discovery.
In Greek mythology is a long
story about how was the fire
Fire can be very nice when gives you warmth in the cold
weather, cook and bake food, using for melting metals
just to mention a few about the benefits.
But can be terribly destructive also when it burns in a wrong place like in a forest.
when houses burn one loose everything.

There is something mesmerizing about it.
Sit near the fire
you can see magic
and dream about something beautiful.

The flames
gives you every moment
something else
to see.
The forms and colors have
endless variety!

The surrounding of a good fireplace
can be
a place to put out stuff
to show your
valuable possessions!


  1. Heisann!
    Newyear´sgreetings from a cold Norway!
    Fire each evening!
    Ønsker deg alt godt for 2010.
    Hope to visit you more this year!

  2. Cosy and comforting. I can feel the warmth from here!! Happy New Year.

  3. Very nice photos. It's good with a warming fire!
    Happy new year :)

  4. Thank you, thanks to All of you! Happy New Your also Twentyten :-) fun year hope!!!!
    No fire every day only for fun some times. Heating with Natural Gas quite expensive, but we got some VERY COLD days here!

  5. Heisann!
    Did you read what I have written about "ild" at

  6. I have to look up what you mention here!
    Thanks to remind me!
    Sometimes the translation is not always understandable. I'll look in to it.
    Love: Julia/Blue Bird :-)

  7. I love the warm glow from a fire and your photos are just lovely.
    A x