Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Nature

After the Holidays noisy parties
as a Bird
like to return to the quiet talks of Nature
until is nice and tenderly loving
and don't get angry with some winter storms.
On a day like this
it is winter all right
but just for
the show of snow.

This sky pic was
in a program
at BBC.
For my pride an joy:-)

Clouds like this
speaking to me
with the message that
Spring is in the air!

These clouds are so friendly
and full of promise
of the nice weather
on the way.

It's me when I am happy and

wish you the best in the coming times.

We the birds don't know about a new year

we follow just

the coming and going of the SUN.


  1. Hi Blue bird.
    Great photos, I love the first one!
    Here we are experiensing really cold winter weather at the moment, and today it's too cold to go outside to photograph. I have lit the fireplace, and will stay indoors today.
    Happy weekend :)

  2. Hello Hilde! Here is nice sunshine today, but in the morning was -10 C with wind. So I am staying in also today, but took some photos and will post it in a different blog:-)
    I have that blog but nobody is interested. Will see the today addition. Let you know when it is done if it came out all right! Enjoy the indoors for a change! Love Julia/Bb:-)

  3. Hi there
    Nice to have drop by my blog. You must be the first vistors from overseas that I have. Liking what I can see and read on your blog, I've added myself as a follower to your blog.

  4. Hello Laila: thanks for your reply. Now I have some Ladies from Norway with whom I really become friends. Welcome to the "club".Yes I liked very mch your blog, but I was away from my PC a couple of days and just now got back to answer you. Love: Julia/Blue Bird L-)