Monday, January 25, 2010

When winter is beautiful

Wondering in a fairy tale winter forest

Winter makes the most beautiful design
with snow and trees

When the touch of ice comes around
it's a delight
to see
those funny little


These photos came from England.
Argo was so kind to send these
works done by him
to share them
in the blog where
"Nature Talks."
With many thanks to Argo
this blog is happy with this presentation.


  1. Hi blue bird/Julia!

    These photos were fabulous. Such beautiful trees covered in winter frost.
    My compliments to Argo!

    I have been a bit busy lately, but I got your e-mail address, thanks! I will send you an e-mail soon.

    Hilde :)

  2. Heisann!
    Where am I, in a troll-forrest?
    Looks as if the trees are made of crystals...
    Very beautiful!
    Have a nice week!

  3. PS Have I asked you to be "My blogfriend" on my blog?
    I have made a V in front of your name in my notebook, but can not find any comments about it from me on your blog!
    Do you mind?
    Please, read (translated into bad English by google) my post on for instance Hilde, before you answer me! DS

  4. There was a problem with the next blog. It was OK, published, got comments and---- disappeared.
    Since than just was trying to recap what I lost--- without a trace. :-( Bluebird :-)

  5. Recovery is successful. Blog pics found with help from Argo ( Thanks!) and the post is presented here.