Friday, January 29, 2010

Children's art

I truly appreciate and love
the artworks of young children.
The unspoiled
innocent and honest work
only a child's mind
can produce.
This is the Brooklyn Bridge painting and the moon in the sky gives
such an adorable look
for this picture
that I would like to hang it on my wall
in the living room.

Here we see the galaxies as this young mind
let us know
the way she sees it.

This painting of flowers is the work
a little bit older child.
Got more control
with some guidance
what I do not
approve, because
the innocent naive perception
is somewhat corrupted.

May be this painting
was done from
a postcard ,
but only the innocent child
can simplify as it is
for a delightful

One of my favored painting.
It has truly some
dynamic in it.
Is a storm
hitting the scene
of a lighthouse?


  1. Heisann!

    You are right, childeren have their own way to express what they see, very onest to their feelings and emotions.
    I love them. We have kept our sons drawings from their very first. On the 9th. of Febr. a carnevalposter of the oldest son will be shown on my blog!
    Thank you once more for your nice comments!

  2. Heisann! Now I know what you say I can also say it:-)
    I am very happy to see that there are people who also look upon Children's creations as a valuable human product!
    However I believe it does need a certain education to come to a clonclusion of the Children's stuff value!
    Welcome aboard Vilt og vakkert! :-D Greetings from:
    J/Blue Bird :-)