Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an icy evening

It is January and here on Long Island it is cold.
When to Sun goes down best to be at home.

The highlight of the day at an evening rush to the store
by the good luck on my way
brought to my sight
this adorable
little Baby Dog
wrapped up
for protection from the bitter cold
He was 9 weeks old
and the name is
Mac, because will be
a very big dog.
I also told his Mom
He will be on the Internet
to show the world
his incredible sweet beauty

The shiny road as it looks so stunning
it is not a friendly
to drive on a fender-bender
road to your
cozy home.
Winter driving one really
has to learn.


  1. Hi Bluebird, it looks as though you've got the cold weather too! That little puppy looks nice and cosy in his blanket. Keep warm!

  2. Nice winter photos, and the puppy looks so sweet!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Thank you Ladies for the comment. We got a break in the very cold time. For days was day time slightly above freezing. It is great to have this in January!
    By now you really can see as the days are getting longer.
    Love: Julia/Blue Bird