Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Pictures

Hiding pumpkin

You can see me now

Mums are the flowers of the month

Funny Fall with full of fun
Photos by Blue bird@


  1. Hello Comments: they are in the E-mail. All my friends with PC just will not come to the blogger! When they read the blog-post it's easier to comment, but they prefer to send an E-mail about the post.
    Can you understand it?

  2. Such a happy pumpkin in the last photo :)

    I have just harvested 11 pumpkins in my kitchen garden. So nice! And now my children are so eager to start the Halloween preparations.

    Hope you have a nice new week :)

  3. Thank you Hilde, congratulation to your most succesful gardening this year. You did work hard and now you can enjoy what Nature gives back to your efforts.
    We used to carve the pumpkins when I was a child and put candels in it and lit up at night. It was really fun time.
    I wish you also a nice week with still some warmer days--- hope. :)

  4. Thank you Hilde and Leigh! I was off again from blogging. My Nikon, my first digital camera said good bye! So there are no new photos till I get the new one, hope soon.
    I also got a flu shot and that also put me down a bit, but I am OK now. This year they give here in a shot 3 different virus protection. No wonder to have a little reaction! But I'll make a posting from the archive.
    Soon be back! Love Blue Bird :)

  5. Heisann!
    1000000000000......00000 thanks for the gift I found in my mailbox just now,
    You are a "surprising lady".

    Already Halloween????? I'm a bit "backfoot" as we say in Norway. Everyone must turn happy meeting your big smiling pumpkin ;:OD)

  6. Hi Nina: so we found out it was not a pumpkin, but a very late summer pic. Thanks for the note. More in E-mail: julia/bb :)