Friday, September 24, 2010

Found new LOVE

So is in Nature if you follow the rules:
When you get rejected,
may be even beaten up with nasty treatment:
You get up, dust yourself off
and look for new LOVE
" Who seeks will find"
To understand what I am talking about is:
This year's
very bad treatment
of my beloved garden
unusual weather of heat and
I got depressed as I saw my garden dieing in the heat
and the watering was no help
against the burning hot air.
Than I went in the evenings as the Sun was setting down
in this suburb, where I live.
( I gave up my Sun worship for this Summer.)
I looked and saw what is happening
outside of my territory :(
Mostly was heart breaking landscape:(
but I found plants with no sign
of wilting or any suffering :)))
I found my new Love:
in many places around stores and banks
where professional gardeners planted with
knowledge of counting
on this kind of possibility
the killer heat and drought :-((((((
I saw them before,
but never paid much attention.
My New Love for the
is burning now
with all my curiosity while
searching for the best for my garden.
No problem with a computer.
I already received my first order
from a gardening in Ohio:
for $ 10.00 thousand seeds of the
Hairy Blue Grass.

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  1. P.S. Certainly I will follow with pictures in the next postings among other events as the beautiful Fall is coming.