Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Flowers of the fall:
most popular is
the Daisy family

Fading colors with quiet "living room" in the garden
under the huge
black oak tree.
Used to be a favored place
for relaxation
but this year was not a place
to be: because of the heat.

Here is a my "regular" mailbox
newly purchased flowers.
My garden virtually was killed
by the heat and drought.
This was my worst summer
in this place.

The same as above
also you can see
the bird feeder
with no birds.
At the end of the summer I reduce the feeding.
The migrating birds
would stay longer
if there is plenty of food.
But when time is to go, they should leave
and keep them with food
is not in favor for them.


  1. Heisann!
    Lovely places in Autumn costume -you show us ;.oD)
    Tnanks for mail. I posted it on my blog ;:OD)

  2. Hi Julia :) Your autumn garden looks so nice, and I like the way you have decorated your mailbox with flowers. It's really a lovely place you have under the oak tree :)

  3. Hello Ladies from Norway :Dear Vilt og Vakkert and Hilde! So kind of you to visit my somewhat deserted blog, as lately I did not do much. But I have seen many other blogs and yours are certainly different and I value them a lot, because beside the beauties you always teach something very useful
    Thank you for taking so much time, but it is worth it, because many people read it even though many times they are just "lurking" without saying thank you! Love and hugs Julia/bb :)

  4. Dear Blogger Friends:Do not miss my
    as it is unfolding in the coming postings. :)
    Blue bird in love :)