Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the rain came....

But it was much more coming with it: good size destruction in many parts of New York City. Was some debate about a tornado and yes a tornado struck in Brooklyn. The wind got up over 100 mi and that is shearing off the roofs, knocking down the trees and cars were just smashed up all over.
Fortunately a storm like this is fast moving, but it is enough time to do a very high volume damage. One person was killed: a woman driving in a car Just why could not get out of the car and take cover?
Where I live 25 mi to the East of the City
the destruction was not as heavy
but here also
were some trees lying across roads,
train were stopped and air fights
When the storm moved away
lost the strenght
and the next day
we saw the shining Sun again.


  1. goodness glad to hear all is well.... a tornado in brooklyn that is something you dont see everyday... :-)

  2. Yes, Mother's Moon! Thank God our region is not for tornadoes like the Middle of the Country where they call " the Valley of Tornados"
    I don't seem to find your blog! How can I get to it?
    Thanks for the comment! Love:
    Julia/blue bird :)