Monday, August 30, 2010

Last days in August

At this time we can collect the remnants of flowers.
After they die
some can be dried and
become very decorative
in vases around your house.
The bird feeders are not as busy
like in the summer
hungry parents
newly hatched babies
came for food
to grow big and strong
and able to do
the difficult task
of migration
to a nice warm
place for the winter.

In the dry days
a spraying fountain
is most welcomed
( is easy to set up)
and give the drink
to the thirsty plants.

The pot garden can be moved
closer to the house
where their beauties
can be admired longer
the frost will come.

The nights are cool now
in the morning
fog is giving
some artistic view
for the Flag.


  1. Lovely tribute to the end of summer!

  2. Thank You Leigh! I truly enjoy your blog with those lovely animals! I am not in a situation to have any pets, but my little wildlife refuge gives lot of pleasure and learning experience.How to raise children the proper way: take lessons from the birds! :))))))Love: Julia/bb :)

  3. Hi Julia, I'm back in the blog world. Thank you for the nice post and photos, hope autumn will be good :)

  4. Welcome back Hilde! Happy to "hear" from you. Hope you had a little time to recover from various stressful experiences.
    Look forward to see the enjoyable postings you will do! Love and hugs: Julia/Bb:)

  5. Heisann Blue Bird, I just passed by to see how you are. Hope the nights are cool, but not too cool, and the days are plesant. Good for the eyes to rest on beautiful flowres.
    See you soon again ;:OD)