Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer's presents

No need for words about these pictures.

I promised to tell you the next time
how to make a delicious meal
from these already appetizing ingredients.
First take a good size pan
than cut up to inch sizes
these veggies and
place all of them into the pan.
Add a little water
than at high heat
start to cook them.
Add some Canola or
Olive oil and
salt to your taste.
( I use very little salt!!!)
When it boils
turn the heat down to low
and stirring occasionally
let it simmer until
everything is tender.
There should be some fluid
from the tomatoes
use enough of them.
sprinkle with little sugar
because the tomatoes can be sour.
For me
this is a meal.
But mostly people put in rice
to the veggies
to absorb the fluid.
Also is more of a meal
with some meat
usually is very good with
and not grilled
to make them less greasy.

I love on the side
some kind of a bread
mostly biscuits
and lot of fluid in the summer:
juices I always
delude with water.


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  1. Mennyi finom zöldség és gyümölcs! Már alig várom, hogy nyár legyen.
    Jó barangolni a blogodban, és visszatérni.:-)