Tuesday, August 24, 2010

about hot days

Lunch on the light side These are ingredients of one of my
favored meal.
Mostly veggies;
no meat
for less calories.
How to make out of these
a delight
tell you later. :)
This is very simple
frequently on the menue
Couliflower cooked before.
Than in a small dish
put some olive oil and sprinkle
with breadcrums.
Put the cauliflower
on this mixture
sprinkle with olive oil
on top
also some breadcrums again and finally
comes the cottage cheese
with no fat sour cream.
It goes for few minutes
in toaster oven.
Southern biscuit on side
and apple juice for drink.
Ideal for
a very light meal.

Our prayers were
to come.

Under the heat of the bright hot sun
the grass and other
just burned
like a toast. :(

With the help of
the beneficial
big oak trees
the shade saved
lot of lives.
Eventually the rain came,
for some plants
was late, but many came
back to life.


  1. I love that last photo. So cool and inviting!

    I like cauliflower but never know what to do with it except pour on the velveeta cheese sauce like my mother used to do. Trouble is we don't eat velveeta anymore. Yours looks sooooo good! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hello Lee! Thanks for the comment! I love vegetables and specially in Summer I don't want to eat meat. I'll be glad to write more advice in cooking, though I am really not into it, but like to eat what is healthy and so I fix some meals!
    Love Julia/Blue bird :-)