Saturday, June 26, 2010

Footprints in the sand

It was in the early morning
when Life just started
to weak up.
I was walking on the beach
in my sorrow where I
always used to find consolation.
Just looked
in the sand
the foot prints:
"Oh, dear Life
the Ocean Fairy
just went by!"
I whispered with excitement

"And left treasures in the sand for some reason to find out why?"

as I was thinking in the morning Sunshine.

Sea shells since ancient times
in different cultures
are regarded as symbols
as the beginning of new Life.

And I stood there in this morning to see the beauties of the seashells telling me: " The tears of yesterday dry up in the Ocean breeze and there is a new beginning today and tomorrow and everyday till the end of times."

The good Ocean Fairy as always is there with the help in need.


  1. Gosh, I have quite a collection of sea shells. My favorite place here is by the ocean. Only about 20 minutes away...and where I spend plenty of Sundays.

  2. Heisann Blue bird!

    What a wonderful lyric you have written .... and beautiful illustrated.
    I love the sea ;:OD)

  3. Dear Ladies: thank you for your kind comment. You may realize this is the beginning to return blogging, but since I know Both of you E-mail I am sending you each a letter to say more. Love: Julia/Bluebird :)

  4. Welcome back, I hope you are doing well.

    Lovely post and beautiful photos. I love seashells, and have a nice collection.

    Hope you have a nice week :)

  5. Thanks Hilde! I got into studiing Norway and wrote E-mail to Nina. Her blogs are very interesting, but with the inadequate translation I don't get everything I'd like.E-mailing is really helpful. May be I Forward to you about my Norway study. Love, Julia/bb :)
    P.S. It is very hot ( over
    30 C and no rain!)