Tuesday, March 1, 2011

to the blogger community

In this post I just like to say a great big:
to my new followers. Certainly is inspiring when a blogger can see the other blogger interest in the work what is put in the postings.
must tell that some of the followers on the list
are not all functioning.
I am very sorry about Susan from Montana
who was an excellent contributor with many useful advise.
She talked about "Hard times coming..." last year in June and since than she did not post!
We care about each other and I am really missing her: just
wonder: what happened?
In my life the PC is a Center piece.
I feel
that friendships
even in a long distance
can become very close and warm relationship!
Grateful thoughts to those
wonderful humans
who brought to life
the Internet!
To my understanding it started at CERN Switzerland
close to 1994 that this kind of a communication
was established!
with Love and Understanding was posted by @Blue Bird aka Julia.


  1. Kedves Julia!
    Köszönöm ,hogy csodálatos blogod követője lehetek.
    Kívánok hogy nagyon sok szerető igaz barátot talál e virtuális nagy blogger közösségében .
    Nagyon szép napokat:)
    Szeretettel Marika.

  2. Beautiful post Julia :) sending many friendly smiles accross the miles x x hugs

  3. Kedves Marika! Sajnos, hogy olyan sok tenni valo jott ossze, meg nem jutottam az E-mailhez.
    De ami kesik nem mulik a jo magyar mondas szerint. Koszonom az udvozletet es koszonom a turelmedet!
    Kivanok szep Marciusi napokat! Love; J/bb :)

  4. Hello dear Crystalrainbow! Makes me very happy to hear from you! I'll be honest: the end of the posting: "with love was created..." came from you, I learned it from your postings to end with those kind words! I really mean it: we inspire and influence each other! Life is good! Wish you a most beautiful Spring time on the way! Love and hugs: Julia/bb :)