Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cows in the field

These are the photos from Argo.
He lives in a big city in England but
we can see the idyllic life in the fields still exist in his country as He is showing in his pictures.

The cow in the middle is a bull = a male cow with English
discipline therefore he is free to mingle with females. Some other countries he is usually separated the way I saw in my travels.

The bull is fully aware of his superior existence while he is leading home the females.

Thanks to Argo to bring us

about the

fine harmony with Nature


  1. dropping in to say hello :) loving the pics x x x

  2. Dicséret Argo a képekért ,neked pedig köszönet a közre adásért,szöveg nagyon jó ;)
    Szerető ölelésem Marika

  3. Thank you Crystalrainbow!~ So good to hear from you!Hope you are proud of the discipline of the English bull! Nowhere else could I see the freedom of a bull as it is showing on Argo's photos! Hope all is good in your life!
    Hugs and kisses: Julia/bb:)

  4. Koszonom a dicseretet Marika! Valo igaz en mas orszagokban a bikat szigoruan elkulonitve lattam!Kivanok tovabbi szep nyarat ami meg hatra maradt. Julia/bb :)

  5. Marika, köszönöm a bókokat. Blue bird mindig azt írja, egy jó történetet, hogy menjen el a képeket, és tesz egy jó előadás.

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    Koszonet mindenert, ami koszonni valo!!:DD))))

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