Friday, August 19, 2011

about need for concentration

Just realize it, that 10 days gone bye and no posting from Blue bird.!!
Actually I did put together some materials for more than just one posting, but than was not possible to get my concentration together among the useless activities I had to do.
It is depressing to be under the pressure's of really stupid demands from
sources which have no reason to be around, other than they have to make a living and can create time wasting no-use-for-anything activities.

I have ready for posting is :
about dragonflies, cows and of course some flowers as summer is wearing down.
Lately in my postings I am using friend's works-- nice photos--- because I have also my camera on a long summer vacation....:))))))))))

There is a saying:
" what is late---will not disappear!"
Believe me:
I'd like to get to work.!!!!!! Thanks for your Patience!

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