Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wild field

It is a joy to see a yound child in a wild field

to getting know the beauties of Nature.

Let them grow up learning what the beauties are

before the humans

cut the grass and flowers.

What can be more rewarding than

to see the flowers

which grow

on there on free will?

There is no more

cheerful experience

than to see

a red poppy to greet you with

unspoiled love

A path in the field

is manmade

but not with concrete

but by the feet

of walking people.

When the Sun goes down

the gold colored sky

gives you the pleasure

to see Nature's miracles

right in front of you.


  1. Nagyon szépen össze válogatott képek .Szeretem a pipacs virágot nagyon .
    Köszönjük a megosztást ,csodálatos bejegyzés.

  2. Thank you Marika. Kimaradt a megjegyzes, hogy a kepek Erdelybol jottek a Malnasitol. Majd bepotolom

  3. We must take care of our wild places. There are so few left. I garden for the bugs....

  4. Heisann!

    Wonderful, Blue Bird! Wild nature has been good help sorting out sad thoughts this summer.
    Back to school on Thursday, normal days ahead ;:OD)
    ♥-lig hilsen Bjørg Nina

  5. Beautiful photos, Julia! We need wild nature, and must take care of it.

  6. Beautiful flower photos! I also like the first picture with the little boy, playing in the nature.

  7. Dear Blogger Friends!Thank you to ALL of you to give me such encouraging words about the preservation of the Wild on our Planet!Sorry about that it is so much gone killing the beauties what Nature gives us with no effort from the humans. Why can not the humans all be in peace and enjoy life while controlling their addiction to destroy around what is beautiful? :(