Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never ever so much snow!

This was the second Blizzard in this winter!
But one is enough
said the
cardinal to the little sparrow.
No memories holds info
to dump this much snow in this region!
What a delight
that I put out seeds
a day before on the top of the feeder
and 2 sticks of butter at the edge of the tray!
The woodpecker is holding tight
to dig into the butter!

Than the Blue Jays came
learning a new technique
to get out the seeds
from under the snow!
Just wait until the woodpecker leaves!
All the other birds
also will get
to the butter high value
of nutrition in a weather like this!

This cardinal is an old one.
We know each other
for number of years!
They live here permanently
and raise a small family
every year.

The fury of the storm
loves to upset
anything movable
in the sleeping garden.
At this time the wind was
just unbearable
and the chairs were rolling all over.


  1. Heisann!
    My friend and the librarian of the school said the same a while ago. But then I have to rewrite some of the cuts I have made from other writer´s texts. This would not be a problem...
    It might be a project when I retire within eight years.
    I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    Your comments to the birds and winter sounds like lyrics! I think you have had enough snow for years this year.
    But still it is beautiful to watch the flakes falling down and cover the ground.
    And the birds are so colorful in the contrast to the white background.

  2. HEISANN again!
    I just read your comments on Livet i Lia, this is not my mainblog, because we visit the place just a few times a year. But next weekend my youngest son and his his "wife" will continue the painting.
    We will spend the Easter there. Next week there will be wounderful wheater with sun from clare blue sky. And winterwonderland with a lot of snow, just like on Long Island!

  3. I feel for the birds, in the snow and cold. It's hard for them to find food when everything is covered in snow. It's nice that you feed them during winter.

    They are all beautiful birds. The red one has a strong colour against the white snow.

  4. Hello Ladies! It is really very nice to do blogging and keep in touch so often.
    I read a blogger that he did not like the Google blog and went to WordPress.
    May be I will try one day also
    Love to All:
    Julia/Blue Bird:-)

  5. P.S. I do not have any complains with Google but when I know that there is something better: I get curious?
    It is true that there are many things in Google blog I did not try, but I like simple things and some of the blogs just seems to me to busy with all kinds of distractions.
    Julia/BlueBird :-)