Sunday, February 14, 2010

For St. Valentine's Day

All my Friends
Buzz Dexter
the bumble bee
brings sweet honey
to cherish with love
our Friendship
across Cyberspace.
The Bumble Bee is one of my friend in Animal Kingdom.
He was born here,
but got his name from my British Friend Argo.
Buzz Dexter
lives mostly in the garage
pulling through the though winter.
When he wakes up he used to bother me
for a while because the winter makes him a little dizzy.
Than he finds his way to the flowers
and has lot of fun in the summer.
He has a summer home at the
basement door where is much
cooler and usually
has a little nest in a narrow pipe
so I can see his coming and going
all Sumner.
The picture is from last year when I saw him having a great time with the Dahlias.
It is good to built a pic libarary and pull out the right photo to all occasions. Blue Bird's advise. :-)


  1. Nice picture :)
    Have a happy Valentine's day!

    We are not celebrating Valentine's day, but my husband gave me flowers, and my children gave me some dvds for mother's day which also is today.

  2. Hello Hilde! Thanks for the fast message! It is wonderful to learn so much with blogging! Here--- like Christmas--- Valentine's Day also is with lot of commercial interest. The Chocolate Industry and the Flower Business the major "participant" in this "holiday.
    But it is nice to say Hello to a friend and on the "lovers lane" mainly the female part look forward something more behind the chocolate!
    I think this is may be an American invention.
    Mother's Day is celebrated in May on the first or second Sunday. That is in Europe since a long time, but I don't remember to celebrate Valentine's Day eighter when I lived there.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Best of my wishes: J/Blue Bird:-)

  3. Heisann!
    Nice text and photo of the "humla"!Sweet honey ❁

    I would also be an architect!
    I have drawings of housplans from the age of six. Woke up at night in my childhood and draw houses!
    I had these plans until I was 19 years old. Started at sixteen on the science course to study at university after graduating, but then it turned very difficult to become a student of architecture and I thought I would not have sufficient marks to be accepted. But fortunately the excamination turned out well. Of course, I had not applied!
    It eventually were few jobs for architects in Norway at that time, so I was pleased anyway.
    I started teachertrainingschool instead. Since then I have given lessons in architectural history, and I am happy with it!
    Hilde and I live just about one hour by train south of Oslo.

  4. Hi! Very interesting comment Nina! I had also an "affair" with architecture and when I was studiing in the Fine Arts University in Budapest we also had architecture as mandatory theme. I loved it! was good at it.
    In America in my little house when ever a problem comes up, I can fix it ( not manually) but my plans always works out. The suburbien houses are built in very different way and many things goes bad, but it is easy to fix it. However the hired labor is extremely expensive.
    Most men do the repairs themselfs if he has a nouse.
    And we got a big snow again today!
    Love: J/Bbird :-)

  5. Heisann!

    The seeds came by the mail today. THank you so much! I know the plants and know that they are very contortable with the surroundings here. My father had high blue lupines long ago in the bed next to his neighbor´s fence.
    Will be great to see them grow and think of you ... The Marigols will fit among the others in front of the greenhouse bathing in the afternoon sun. A fine place for them.
    I will not respond to comments untill 2. of March, so be patient!
    Have I nice week ✿❀❁✾

  6. Thank you for the good news that the seeds arrived! Some times certain countries do not let in various living objects. But these seeds can not bring any harm anywhere!
    I wish they would grow for your pleasure and make the garden smile! Love: Blue Bird :-)