Friday, February 5, 2010


After many long winter days I was thinking how nice would be to take a walk in desert land where they don't know what is snow and they don't know how does it feel to be cold?So I got to a hot house where one can meet some times really funny creatures

These are the one they can not be touched
because their beauty
is only for your eye .

Here you really can see a funny guy
good enough to make you laugh
as he is leaving his pot
to see what is outside
from his confinement?

There are truly unbelievable designs
what Nature makes.
A plant like this looks
like a drawing.
Happy to be in the waterless
hot desert Land.

No end to the variety of the inhabitants
in a desert.
A little walk in
the dry warm air
gives you hope:
There will be an end
to the Winter
for us too.


  1. Heisann!

    How are you in the winter wonderland(?) ? Not yet the end of winter...
    I just saw a video from New York on the News on the TV. You have more snow than we have in the south of Norway!
    We have really nice winterweather here now.
    Enjoy the cactus-garden... I will in real soon...
    They are so nice in blooming, but this we must wait for some more weeks!

  2. Great photos of wonderful plants. I love the shapes and colours in no. 4. Hopefully Spring will soon be here!! Elcmae.

  3. Hello Ladies from Blogger Land! Thanks for your comments.
    No matter what happens the winter time seems too long and I just wanted to get away a bit going into a desert environment which is always warm and dry.
    In February most people like to think about Spring and look forward to it.
    Here we still can get snow and till the middle of March we can have lot of bad weather.
    With my very best wishes: J/Blue Bird :-)

  4. First of all, the bluebird is my favorite of all the song birds. I was never rich, but if I hit the lotto or something I would fulfill my life's dream to have a wildlife sanctuary. My favorite flightless animal is the seal, but I really love all wildlife and I think it's our responsibility to preserve life to the best of our ability.

  5. Hello Arcadian! Nice to "see" you again. I remember you and I like your blog very much.
    Sorry if we lost contact for a short time, but now you sent me a comment and thank you very much for it.
    Right now the weather is the "wild" activity, Here in Long Island N.Y. we did not get anything from the terrible stuff what the South got, but now it seems the New York City region can not be left out from this very unusual snow-activity. Still hope it will not that bad as they say.
    Thanks again for your kind comment! Blue Bird :-)

  6. To Vilt og Vakkert: Hi Nina! sent the seeds yeaterday: monday Feb.8.10 by mail. Hope will get there soon. Love: J/Blue bird :-)

  7. Hi Blue bird :)
    Nice photos from cactus land! There are many beautiful cactuses, and they are so pretty in bloom.

    Thanks for your e-mail, I will write back soon.

    Have a nice day :) Here the sun is shining again, but the temperature is still very cold.

  8. And here we are in the middle of a big snow storm: lot of snow ( may be more than a foot when finished) and the wind can gust up to 45 mi so this is just brutal!
    Julia/Blue bird :-( :-)