Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Fair in the Garden

This is the Enchanted Garden Fair on this beautiful Sunny Sunday in May 2010

All kinds of ideas come up to raise money to keep the Garden beautiful and to pay for the building of the hothouse.
comes from donations.
See next pick:

All kind of stuff just bringing in from every bodies home for sale
to use the money
for the Garden to keep Enchanted.

Certainly there is a big flower's Sale also from donations.
These flowers are the best quality for sure.
Mostly perennials.

Pick-nick is there
to keep the people happy
with good food
and delicious drinks

The tents are there for various reasons.
One is that the fair would go on even in rain!
But Mother Nature understood
and helped in the efforts
of good willing people.

The day was just full of fun
like it should be in

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