Friday, May 14, 2010

who could love mosquitos?

Wow that is a strange question.
In fact in this suburb on Long Island of
New York State
has been
many times
terrible actions taken with chemicals
to spray large areas
to kill
No need to tell how many
useful creatures
got on the list
to be victims killed by the
undiscriminating chemicals!
There are no more
in this part of the world.
Useful creatures like the
Praying Mantis, Lady Bugs,Beatles,
many useful Spiders are all gone.
Even birds get hurt and killed
and for the humans
better stay inside
your dwelling
when the deadly spraying comes.

There are countries
on this Globe
where the mosquitoes
are the major food
for the lovely Bats.
They are night animals
and can consumes
very large amount of
as their
main and major diet
like the mice for the owl.
Are here Bats?
I did not find one yet.
But in Europe
many places where I stayed
when the Sun sets on the horizon
the silently flying bats
makes the dark night very lively
when they are feeding
on Mosquitoes.
Bats can become very numerous
mainly in warm climate
they survive cold winters
if they find
a hiding place.
Besides the help of the Bats
are other harmless
way to protect your self
from mosquitoes or
other bugs.
Just take into consideration
the birds they live on insects!
When I go out to relax
in the shade of the oak trees
I carry a little bucket of
Citronella candle
and the fine smell does not agree
with insects.
The fire of the candle and
the little smoke
harmlessly chase the bugs
from your spot
where you want to relax.
I just wonder
how would those
humans of authority
react to this note?
Stop the use of chemicals?
Those chemical makers have a lot of power to keep their business going.
But even so: Nature is more powerful than any human.
For the wrong doings
Nature is there
to stop it
as an ancient Latin saying:
Naturam explells furca tamen usque recurret.


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  2. Today is an other day to test the comment box.
    If it is working I have an important message about the MOSQUITO issue.
    I talked to an authority about the harmful spraying with chemicals and as I expected found very strong resistence.
    Than I went on my usual research and I have found very useful information where was no area spraying involved.
    Plenty of remedies are available to keep all kinds of bugs away in our climate when the summer is coming.
    The danger with mosquitos is the West Nile Virus which can be fatal.
    But without area spraying are more effective and harmless "chemicals" to be used and since it is done individually certainly is under your control to be safe in outdoors.
    With area spraying is no way to reach 100% protection from the virus but it is for sure that the damage is done for and on innocent victims of creatures as I am mentioning in my post.
    Finally because the most important issue is about the virus: in my information is also involved that several companies are working to develope a vaccine.
    At this time: about 400 viruses are known harmful to humans. What is the answer to that for protection?