Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walk in my garden in May

The "Dogwood" tree is the tree of New York State. It is just beautiful when in early spring is covered with flowers.

This thermometer is outside of the window.
On one side
reads the temp in Fahrenheit
on the other side
reads in Celsius.
On this day was really warm
about 78 degree in F and 25 degree in C.

This is time when the Ferns weak up
and makes you smile
with funny
enfolding of the leaves.

The most delicate flowers of Iris is coming to bloom.
Used to have many more
some years ago, but
the changing surroundings ( shady trees)
cut down on the numbers of blooms.

Incredible construction of Nature.
I believe is a relative of
the Orchids.

A close up is so beautiful
it is hard to believe
this is just
growing like this
all by itself!

Finally here is my beloved bird:
the Cardinal
this is the male
sitting on the feeder
where his favored food
the Sunflower's seeds are waiting for him.


  1. Beautiful photos from your garden. The dogwood tree is so pretty, and what a bright red colour on the cardinal. Hope he enjoyed the meal :)

  2. Thank you Hilde: I hope you also got my message to your post. You have so many strawberry plants that you can may be make some preserves for the winter.
    You are really a very
    talented gardener!
    Your posting is wonderful, because the translation is right there after your Norwegian words. Love: J/bb :)