Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Here is Rhododendron time

Relative to the azaleas acid loving plants

This color of this plant I have never seen

It's truly amazing as the color changes while the bloom matures: from pink to a peach color

My walk ended on this day when a group of Canadian Gees
showed up with their elegant walk of
their majestic appearance


  1. Beautiful blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.

  2. Beautiful asaleas in bloom.
    I have some rhododendron shrubs in my garden, but the buds have not opened yet. I'm looking forward to them blooming.

    Have a nice week :)

  3. Stunning ive never seen peach ones before either all white or pink here or really deep pink. Beutiful post ty

  4. Thank you Ladies for your kind comments. There is again an error, don't know if this would go through! :-(((

  5. It did go and so perhaps I would say more: Radka message came but in the followers was changed to my name! I certainly did not post to follow myself! Enjoyed the blog from Radka, but with translation is some problem.
    Hope a nice week is coming up to everybody. Love: J/Blue bird :)

  6. How beautiful. The Canadian Geese are swimming our lakes with their fuzzy little goslings, but my flowers are not up yet. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  7. Hi Susan: thanks for your respons. I enjoy very much your blogs as I am looking the older blogs too.
    It is a very beautiful place and you tell about so much I feel if I was trsveling there.
    However high altitude is not for my health condition.
    \Thank you for sharing. Love, hug: Julia/Blue bird :)

  8. Susan I an having problem to find you by clicking on your icon.
    Also there is no way for me just to send you a message in case I'd like to say something.
    The only contact is when you write a comment and I answer.
    Yeah about the Geese: they don't have childrens yet! Later, but the flowers are blooming all over.
    If you find this message, plse let me know about an easy contact.
    Thanks. J/bb :)