Thursday, May 20, 2010


"This picture alone is worth to make a post in my blog where Nature Talks to us"
I don't know who made this photo but certainly is a lucky and talented individual.
It was sent to me with E-mail
by Argo
who is able to make
a photo like this, but
being so honest:
he said : he did not do it at this time.
But in previous post
Nature Talks
has equally nice swan photos from Argo.
Thank you very much.


  1. What an amazing photo :) x x x Hope your keeping well hun and hope the sun is now shinning on you. It has been warm here today and is forecast good for next week too x x x

  2. Just about go to sleep, but I always look into the blogs and lo and behold there is Crystal sending me a sunny message. Thank you!
    Yes today was quite warm here too and did good for mind and body.Have a wonderful enjoyable week end. Love: Julia/bb :)

  3. Beautiful photo! Love the reflection in the water, and the swan babies are so sweet :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello HIlde! Thank you for the comment. I have never seen such smart swan babies as these to find the way onto Mama's back and get a ride!
    Hope your week end is nice and warm for gardening! Love:J/bb :)

  5. Julia ive left a little award on my blog for you :)

  6. Gee that is very exciting! Have to go and look for it.
    Thanks for the surpeise! Get back after I find it!!! :-D Julia/bb :D

  7. Heisann!
    I sign, as we say in Norway, under this statement, too: it´s a wonderful scenario.
    A nice week to everyone, and Blue Bird specially ❀

  8. Hello Nina! Thanks for your message. Don't worry about posting or commenting: we know that for you this is a very busy time. But summer is coming hope with lot of fun and resting in it. Love: Bb :)