Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sorry about my absence from  blogging but my health problems keeps me away.
Nothing to worry about only rather  to annoy.
Spring is here with a touch of Summer heat sometimes. We have passed the Spring Equinox!


  1. Remélem tavasz és napsütés hoz jó kedvet :)Egészségre pedig jó hatással van ,jó idő és a nap sütés .
    Szerető ölelés Marika

    1. Thank you for the kind words and good wishes.
      Sent best regards for Easter Holiday.
      Julia/Blue bird :)

  2. Well I sincerely hope your health problems stop being so annoying! Take care and come back soon.

  3. Thank you Sian: Now I am really on the way of recovery.
    It's in the field of dermatology and so can be just taking time, lot of time.
    Never had it, so not much experience, but one is sure: be careful about finding a doctor who will care about you and not only money.
    Had a nice Easter. Hope the weather is getting better everywhere. Love: Julia/Blue Bird :)

  4. Interesting observation: some people do blogging with certain interest in it. But when something goes the other way---it disappears like never before existing.
    No loss obvious thanks for the Nature of blogging.
    Truth is a great gift for humans.