Friday, July 19, 2013

coming back

Dear Blogger friends: just to say hello, after a while, nice to have a page open at my blog conversations.
But I still do not know  know how to post a picture the way I use to do.  Waiting for a hired man to come next week to try get things back where I was and like to be.
But the #8 will not do anything like that and  so just try to go back to # 7!!!! As  many people do after the pitfalls of Microsoft #8.

I am still using my nickname Blue Bird and have a new account at Google Chrome. Hope to see your beautiful blogs again.
to remember a little ago. photo  blue bird.

1 comment:

  1. Örülök hogy vissza találtál a blogra ,tudom mit jelentet neked a blog írás .További sikert neked a blog íráshoz.Soha ne add fel az írást .Tudod az álmok valóra válnak ;)
    Szerető üdvözlet Marika