Saturday, November 20, 2010


November 11 is the day for the Veterans to remember all over the world those soldiers who died in the past wars.
As the dark days
of November arrives
it is time to

The leafs of the trees are fallen
from many trees.
The last ones
to say good bye are
the Red Oak tree leafs.

This is my hope for the future:
growing for a big
Ornamental Grass.
Just got it at the end of
the summer.

These are my very much loved late
from the Daisy family:
They come into bloom when the frost
will arrive soon.

The trailing rose
which was covered with
abundant flowers in June
saying good bye
as the leafs will

Looking back
to a corner
in my garden
the mail box
and the bird feeder are there
for winter duties.

For last
in this post
is a sunset picture.
In a short time
I am not
taking photos
in the dark.
But will lit up with the lights.


  1. There are a few misspelling what I did not do!
    This is a surpeise for me, that my text is altered!!!
    If I would know how to edit the text I would do it, but if I try, the entire post will go!Those words are disturbing, I did not put it there and this experince is new for me!! J/Blue bird :(

  2. The misspelling disappeard, Strange things are in blogging. J/bb :))))

  3. Great colourful autumn photos, Julia. We got more snow today, so here it's all white outside now.

    I got your email, thanks :)

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks Hilde!Really enjoyed those birdfeeding "inventions" you make. It's a shame, that the squirels here really dominering the territory.
    No snow here yet.
    Weather is quite agreeable.
    Hope you have a nice week coming up. Love, Julia

  5. Heisann!
    Beautiful colours and scenes, and hopefully we will have no more fallen soldiers to honor in the coming year. We l0st two I think in Afganistan, one from our nearhood.
    Have a nice Sunday, Blue Bird ;:OD)

  6. Heisann Nina! You are always so thoughtful. In the everyday life people seldom think about those who give their young life in a war what really just should not be there.
    Love: J/bluebird