Sunday, April 3, 2011

APRIL 2011

If you have a blog: you have obligations. You just can not quit saying nothing. ( Some people do not think about courteously saying

good bye when leaving!)

But I did not mean to get out with my absence. I got sick as simple as that.

April in this region of NYC came with quite unpleasant introduction: dark days, very cold rain mixed with snow and people had to bundle up like in winter.

I was miserable and thought was the weather, but really a nasty combination of hostile germs sneaked into my system and realized that my temp. is a little higher and my "bad" mood is due to my illness.

So much for that. It is a medical subject what is not my objective in my blog.

I try my best to get back but at that point is this "Goulash" coming from England with some cute Spring messages,

but can not make him do the things

he really wants to do.

There is in the toolbar an icon for video!

So why can not Goulash URL pick up

a working link?

I struggled many hours to find a solution

with negative results


I change my subject for my next blog-post.


  1. Remény mielőbb hogy tavasz lesz nálad .
    Baktérium elmúlik és,
    minden újra a régi rendben megy tovább .
    A probléma is meg fog oldódni blog körül.Majd rá jössz a dolog nyitjára.
    Szép napot :))

  2. Thank you Marika! Naturally events will change and we hope always for something better to come.
    April was never known as very stable month, but certainly is better, than the months before.

  3. I hope you're soon feeling up to snuff!

  4. Finally yes, I am getting back, but now with new branches growing on the tree of Nature Talks. J/bb :)

  5. Now I can tell: I was in the Hospital 2x to find out that everything is OK!
    Forget about my absence: I was busy getting better. I made today an Easter preparation post for you.:)))))))))