Sunday, April 17, 2011

Find the spirit of Easter

Go where the flowers are...
Somewhere people grew a lot to sell and make a living with these beauties.

Buy them to help those who are working hard.

The first buds in spring: the pussy willow These tulips are the most popular
Pansies are on the market since weeks. They hardy and cold does not bother them
There is no holiday without cookies. Chickens and bunnies.....
Coming from the eggs these chicks do not look very happy!!! The cookie's maker thought may be the weather is not favorable for the chick to come out.


Thoughts for today: Palm Sunday.


  1. Nagyon szép virágok, szívmelengetők csak nézni és öröm mosoly van arcon.

  2. Thank you for your kind message. Somehow still will be nice weather eventually, but these flowers were lucky to grow somewhere else, not here.
    Yet they bring beauty and happiness here. Thanks to the flowers. J/bb :)