Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back where we left:

It is a lovely greeting (made by children) as you arrive into this garden.

the name is Bailey Arboretum where many years ago a wealthy business man preserved the most beautiful plants he collected from all over the world.

Some Irises are still blooming

also in the part where volunteer children learn

about the beauties of Nature.

This picture is a reflection in my car's window

so it is funny

Daisies are just so kind and loving!

They bloom

in variety of forms

all the time during 3 seasons of the year.

The daisies from an other angle.

Actually I came here because of the blooming time

of the Rhododendrons

They are close relatives to the Azaleas and can grow
very big
bushes with huge
amount of blooms


photographs @Blue Bird

June 2011


  1. Just to see if my comment will be accepted by Google and it will go I can see.
    Thanks for the hard work of my friend Emery who fixed the problem.

  2. Nagyon szépek a százszorszép virágaid .Van egy rododendron bokrom nekem is de ki pusztul, próbálkozom a savanyú földet pótolni .Hiába nem erre a vidékre való,minden növénynek meg van a hazája ahol jól érzi magát.

  3. This is a beautiful garden! I like your nice photos, they are making me happy.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, I got it.

  4. Hello Friends! You might guess how happy I am after the several days shot down to be able to comminicate with you. Thank you kindly your comments.
    Here in the region of New York City we are having a real stressfull weather situation with 3 H: Hazy-Hot-and Humid. Tropical weather, but than can very suddenly change with a wild thunderstorm. It is predicted for tonight. Hopefully the week end looks good may be able to take some photos. Greetings: Julia/bb :)

  5. What a beautiful garden, and the flowers are lovely.
    Great photos, Julia :)

  6. Thank you Hilde! It is a most wonderful morning: we got a nice mild storm with lot of rain. Oh, we needed it so badly. Now the sun is out and the forcast is lovely for the coming week.Wish you a very enjoyable week end. Love: Julia/bb :)