Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You never know what you do when on a public place----

like a beach---

you leave a little note of your play with pebbles.....

suddenly it is saved for those

who ever look around in this blog :

But who gets the copy right? :))))

Alone to find relaxation

Just an other day listening to the chatter of the water

A family walking on the pier

where usually

fishing people find some good time

Not so lonely anymore:

Sea gulls welcome your company.

May be you have some

eatable stuff with you?


photo by @Blue Bird who gets the copy right


  1. Your comments are welcome!The sky, the water, the sea gulls, the people all like to know what do you think of them? :)
    This post was lovingly created for that reason by Blue Bird :)

  2. Nice photos, I like the "stone circles".
    But where are the fishermen? :)
    Have a nice evening!

  3. Kőről ,vízről nekem egy gondolat jut eszembe ,"Emlékezz a víz szalad de a kő marad."
    Ha egy állat is van közeledbe már nem vagy magányos.
    Csodálatos dolog lehet sétálni, napozni a tenger parton a családdal.
    Talán egyszer megtudom ,ha eljutok :))

  4. Még a kavicsokról ,nem tudom aki rakta közben mit gondolt, elgondolkoztató . Kicsi kövek nagy kövek felváltva ,mint az élet egyszer kicsit jó máskor nagyon jó .Közepén a zöld remény a spirálba.

  5. Thank you All the kind responses as I was speaking in the name of others on the beach.
    Some of my answers: Have no idea about the "pebble's art" but I guess was a child's creation.
    This beach is not the Ocean! This is on the North Shore of Long Island where I live ( 10 min ride to the beach)This is called: the Long Island Sound.
    The fishing people I guess were busy making a living and coming here is in spare time: week ends, evenings, holidays etc.
    I was taking these picks in early morning.
    Marika comments are respectable and enjoyable
    if it was a child's creation really can be
    proud of it.
    Thank you to Marika and Paparazzo in the name of those " Others" on the quiet beach.

  6. Dear Blue Bird,
    Such a fun post! Never are we ever really alone...the wind is with us...
    I love the idea of speaking for the beach......
    Happy Summer,

  7. Hello Q! I am reading about your travel even if I am not able to send you comments! Had accident and my hand was not willing to type, but certainly your travel is more than just a vacation. Very informational. Thanks for taking to time to share! Love: Blue bird:)