Saturday, July 30, 2011

...... about promises

The time has come to fill in promises I made in previous postings. Let's see about insects!!!!!!!!! Insects can be very beautiful like the butterflies. But do you know where I live there are no butterflies, dragonflies and many other nice insects are not existing.That is why I sad my posting is sad at this time.

It has been declared by authorities to start a war against insects because of the

West Niles virus carried by mosquitoes. However it is well known facts,that any natural happening has an apposite counter alternative. Like mosquitoes are the major food for bats at night time. By the millions are under control in a very natural way. But forget about saying anything about the toxic fumes they spray around contaminating the entire region and killing useful creature because this is cheap and effective so they say to control mosquitoes. The many beautiful and useful insects are killed, but plenty mosquitoes come to sing into your ear, when the sun goes down.

There are repellent sprays to use on our self if you want to enjoy the evenings.

There are Citronella candles to lit up at your out door chairs and no insect will bother you. When it comes to authorities in connection with large scale Natural happenings look first the money is spent and than more money to spend to reverse the wrong doings.


just to mention a few of the Large efforts to reverse damages: see the Everglades in Florida.

Just today news came to tear down a huge dam in WA state to give way to salmon fish!


  1. Sajnos sok szép lepke eltűnése emberi butaság miatt,sok hasznos rovart tönkre tesznek mért kel a sok vegyszert ki szórni levegőbe ?
    Így tesznek tönkre egyes rovarokat ami a szemnek is gyönyörködtető.
    Egy szép lepke látványa mosolyt csal az ember arcára :)

  2. Thank you Marika for your message. Unfortuately for those who can decide and have power to do really stupid things: ultimately we the people have to pay for it.
    Not only money, but with the frustrations by the denial to enjoy the beauties of nature!

  3. I don't like insects very much, but it is true, there are fine insects too, like butterflies and dragonflies.

  4. Hello Mr. Paparazzo: Generally insects are not in a category of the favored species. But as you see: there are some fantastic designs by Nature like in Butterflies or in many more beauties.
    Thank you for your message. :))))