Friday, July 1, 2011


The time to visit my castle: best is in JUNE.

These roses are very old plantations.

Full of double petals flowers hanging in clusters,

full of thorns

Because it was meant to guard the castle
the upward road
surrounded with various
defensive gadgets:
like the rose full of thorns
not to touch for heaven sake.

The huge amount of flowers
are very tempting
to cut them for
a bouquet,
but beauty is here to save it, guarded
and enjoy it
till it last.
Then you can think to collect the fallen petals
and dry them
for the fragrance in your closet
from where you can enjoy
the memory of the summer.

Photo: Blue bird 2011


  1. Beautiful roses!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Mr. Paparazzo: This week end would be really for your famous camera. 4th of July is a very big National celebration: the Indepence of America from the British colonial times.
    Huge fireworks, parties and yes--- unfortunately lot of drinking goes with it. If you have access to see the fireworks in New York at night, don't miss it! From a TV screen you also can take photos!!!! Thank for your comment. J/Blue bird :)

  3. I can smell them all the way to my desk......
    yes, do dry the petals. I make a nice rose water too from my roses. Have a safe 4th!

  4. Csodálatosak a rózsáid:)
    Ismered a mondást,
    "nincsen rózsa tövis nélkül"
    Boldog és biztonságot neked 4-én

  5. Dear Q aka Sherry! Thank you for your comment.
    Your blog with the text and photos are superb! Is Q for "Queen"? Because the superb quality places your work to a higher position in the Blogger world! Summery warm greetings: Julia/bb :)

  6. Kedves Marika! Elkezdtem a kepek feltarasat, nagy nehezseggel, vegul tudom latni csak egesz kicsiben. Megnagyitva azonnal lezar az Internet.Azt mondja, hogy legyek tag a Picasanal akkor majd enged tobbet. En most a Flickr- nel vagyok, Picasat nem szeretem.
    Majd megkerdem a baratom, hogy tud-e segiteni.
    A ruha gyonyoru es az 5 s fogat, de nagyon kicsi a kep.Igy nem tudlak latni, meg sok mindent.Sorry, majd ki kell talalni. Csokkal: Julia/bb :)

  7. Heisann!
    Thank you Blue Bird for guiding us to your castle through the path full of charming roses... with thorns, but still....
    Have nice days ahead ;:OD)

  8. Heisann to you too Nina! The roses are just about finished blooming. Rain came and helped the petals to fall.A Lady friend said: everythig has it's time. The roses are gone, but little pieces left from the buds birds will find sweet food there.

    Every end is a new beginning. Love and hugs: J/Blue bird :)