Sunday, September 4, 2011


Dear Blogger Friends!

"It is not over until is over"
so they say.
Hurricane Irene was bad, but in September the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean can-- and does--- bring the tropical storms to the shores of this country.
Celebrating Labor day week end some parts in the South gotten very "wet" again.
Just hope that this time will pass soon with no more harm.


  1. Wishing you good health and good weather, and I like your purple-on-black text and background.

  2. Remény ,hogy már nem okoz nagy kárt több vihar. Reménykedni hogy fognak következni csendes szép őszi napok :)
    ölelésem Marika

  3. We did not communicate some time, but I did not forget about you in Canada! Kate if you will to be more simple.Thank you for your kind wishes but this is here at this time. Love, hugs: Julia/blue bird :)

  4. Thank you Marika soha sincs elfelejtve a Te comment. Love: Julia/ bb :)

  5. See newer post next after this for summer end. :))))))