Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Argo, our British photo-artist was missing for a month giving some mixed thoughts.

But with this photo from Him of


Argo is on the scene to announce that

Autumn is here.


Thank you to Argo for the inspiration to get back to blogging: Fall is the time when perhaps Nature's color paintings are the best.

My camera is also ready after a long summer sleep.

This a Blue bird note. :))))))))


  1. In the form of a comment I add to this very short post to tell you that Fall EQUINIOX is here when day and night spending equal time in our calendar.
    Is the "dark" season coming? Not really, because you can make it a very happy time with lots of events around the harvests and light up the candels for the Holiday Season!
    Think of giving to those who are in need and try to make a happy season in the "dark" days.
    Remember everything will change: for better or worse, but everything will change. But hope for a Happy Ending anyway!

  2. Blessings dear Julia i hope the autumn brings much inspiration for you and your camera lense. I must say ive not seen and conkers yet.............. maybe i should go for walk in the woods over the weekend xxxxx

  3. Thanks Cristal! It is unusual that at such an early time the influnza come to effect many people. I even was for a short time in the local hospital to make a bunch of tests to find out got NO pneumonia, but a virus what don't have madicine. Just have to wait until it runs it corse. Hope to get myself together soon, but a virus can be vary nasty.
    Wish you well and enjoy the beatiful Fall.
    Love and hugs Julia/bb :)

  4. Heisann!

    Join me on tracking, hiking or just a simple walk on Sunday!

    Put on your walking shoes, bring with your camera and document what you see on October 9 and link to my blog!


    Bring with some friends ;:OD)

    Hope you are OK... I'm busy as always ....

  5. Thanks everybody for the stand by. Getting better, flu is gone, but my robust strenght has to come back yet.
    Working on it with much love to think all of you. Julia/Blue bird :))))))

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    Szerető ölelésem :)Marika
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