Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall pictures from England

I collected a few pictures from

Argo's exclusive photos.

These kind of pictures I could not send from

this area. These doves are talking about the coming winter. Amazing animals as they go through the winter with little food and not much hiding place.
Acorns are ready for the squirrel and other rodent population.

Lovely picture of a field, where a tractor is breaking up the soil before planting.

For birds is a most exciting event to pick what fine food is coming up as the soil is turned over.

Similar follow up with ships when the fishermen go out to sea.

Photos are from the kind contribution of
Argo our British correspondent.

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  1. Nagyon jó hallani rólad a blog világában :)))
    Nagyon örülök jön végre Julia és Argo csodálatos fotók