Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3rd day of xmas

on the 3rd day of xmas my true love gave me 3 orchids of marvel


  1. These are lovely!
    So hope you had a tasty Thanksgiving.
    I think the main course is Pumpkin Pie!
    Happy December!

  2. Dear Sherry! I truly enjoy your blog, looking at them almost every day! But to send a message is not always easy in the hurly-blurry days of activity.
    Love to know how do you make such photos? What is the camera? Do you have a hinding place so the birds don't see you?
    Faboulus photos! Love, hugs Julia/blue bird :)

  3. I just sit on my deck and drink coffee or tea and read with my magic camera on my lap! It is an old Nikon D50
    with a telephoto lens 200-500.
    The birds come to the feeders and the treats I set out for them. I like to think they come to see me but I think it is the seeds and suet!
    Hope you have a joyful December.

  4. Dear Sherry: thank you for telling me about your marveleus photo taking. Certainly the size of the lenses helps a lot. I have a Nikon also ( always had only that) this one is fairly new:6000S. It is my fault, that I don't make better pix, but I still did not read all the instractons to do better. Right now I am using some older photos in the 12 days.
    Wish you a happy December also with the Solstice coming, and it is the living trees celebration for me: I have serious objection against the "dead" {xmas" trees!) with all those nonsense deco on and around it, :( J./bb