Friday, December 9, 2011

last night event

it was clear and the moon was shining..

than some little clouds sneecked in

but it was a silver moon light

for true enjoyment

Photo Blue bird 3 Am last night


  1. Heisann!

    It is like a fairytale!

    Our full moon last night was sometimes seen through dramatic cloud-forms and sometimes on a clear, dark sky.

    Hope you have some wonderful days of December.
    Hugs from Bjorg Nina

  2. Heisann Nina! Yes can not complain about December: in the mornings we have little frost, but than it warms up for nice days.
    We are eagerly waiting the great event of solstice: Dec.22,2011 at 5;30 am!!! Glory to the Sun: shines on every one!!!!!!!!Love, hugs, kisses: Jula/bb:)

  3. Silver Moon light is magical! WOW!
    Happy Christmas and Solstice....
    Return to light!
    Sherry, who misses the butterflies

  4. Dearest Sherry! Today is very cloudy, no photo from the moon, but the temperature realy went up and it is delightful the last days of darkness to enjoy. And than comes the great event and is just funny, so few people know about it!!!! The celebration of Life, the Light the Joy with Love of our Environment including the numberless galaxis.
    Our little circle with the Sun is still the most beautiful. Happy, happy times: the long warm days are coming!
    Love and hugs: Julia/Blue bird :)))))))))