Saturday, February 25, 2012


To All my dear Blogger Friends:

I feel  that I should let you know what made me making my frequent blog posting to cut down on:
short story:


I have done it before but only for my self entertaining my curiosity. But my healthcare friends, doctors and their helpers noticed what I am doing and so it happened that I  started to do some research on subjects   what were commanded to me. I enjoyed to find answer and
 This  is the reason, that my blogging was cut back

If you want more info,-- please let me know.


  1. I'm glad your lack of blogging is for a positive reason! I'd be interested in hearing more about what you are doing. Good luck!

  2. Thanks your message Sian. I know about your activity in med. research.
    I mainly do researches in drugs. Understanding my doctors and friends: ALL the drugs have some unwanted effects but like get to the time when a drug would do only what is it for.
    I work as a volunteer with NO pay. But this is OK with me.
    Also I am many times "traveling" through the Internet in Scotland! My next door neighbor here is Scottish! Wow!!!

  3. Good luck with your research. A lot of the work I do is working with teams evaluating the effects of drugs and other interventions. As you say there are often unwanted effects, and it is often a balance of the good a drug will do with the harm it potentially can do. Yes it would be good to have a drug that provided no unwanted effects. I'm delighted your neighbour is from Scotland and you can learn more about this wonderful country (which is now my adopted home, as originally I am from England, but my father was from Wales).

  4. Hello Sian! Wonderful meeting with our work. Actually I am a professional artist but many times with artwork we can find amazing results!
    I have some artworks painted with the help of electron microscope and came very usable in teaching.
    At the present time I am just working on my PC to gather information
    from various sources. Find great differences as the authors describe facts differently.
    Will write more, though I don't know if the blog should be used for communication or I could write on E-mail to you?
    My working E-mail is:
    I just think that the blog is open to everybody and some info can be rather confidential--- may be.

  5. The medical "research" was worth very much: the unknown illness is cured! But further on with precaution.
    Was a fungus for some strange reason. bb :)