Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shadow makers.

Playing with shadows is a lot of fun

The upper image is made with my hand, perhaps a dog barks  as he sees a real shadow of a bear.
Here are some of the shadow makers with the help of the sun.
The bright sun makes very nice shadows, but the calendar said: It means 40 more winter day!

All right! Will see about that.

photo: Blue Bird@


  1. Dear Blogger Visitors: I am posting now in 3 different blogs as many other people do as well.
    I am not sure about the linking, so just let you know: there is a little blog post at the same time in THE VAUMAU BLOG.
    Theme: Bears around the world having a discussion
    perhaps about the weather. :))))))))
    Blue Bird@ photo.

  2. 3 blogot menedzselni egyszerre nem lehet könnyű! Nekem épp elég egy is :)
    Jó játék az árnyjáték, de nekem a zászlós inges maci tetszik a legjobban! :)

  3. Koszonom a comment. Majd meglatjuk, hogy hogyan megy. Egyenlore nagyon csendes a videk itten, most horol beszelnek. Jjajj!