Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mystery of Spring

The most proud Mama taking her children for a walk or for
them a swim

Certainly is amazing how fast they grow!
The grayish color is perhaps a protection
from predators

Mama said:" you have to learn what is outside of the water."
"Your food mainly comes from grass"
And you grow big and strong
on the vegetarian diet."

It is nice out of the water, but it is more secure swimming away from sneaky creature they are around
may be
doing something no good

At the end of the season they reach full size
only in colors they have to do further changes:
Shad the grays to become beautiful white
and the beak turns to brite yellow!

This beautiful presentation is the
British Friend
master pieces. He photographed the swans during a season
in Sheffield.
A very nice town where they still have room for a little wild life. These swans hang around at the local waters and
Argo did not had to go far to gather a fantastic information
to share with the world.
Blue Bird's blog: "NATURE TALKS" is saying thank you for the pleasure to publish his work.


  1. Never underestimate the courage of this mother. I've seen one attack a bear while defending her babies and she drove him
    off, her attack was that ferocious!

  2. Beautiful photos :) thanks to you both.

    (Spreading a little sparkle) *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^


  3. Hello to the dear Blogger Friends! Thank you for your kind comments, happy to "hear" you enjoyed the show!
    J/Blue Bird :-)

    Naturally more is coming as Nature Talks to us. :-)

  4. Heisann!

    These are lovely. Mother and children walking, swimming and talking?
    Very touching... I like them ... so sweet!

  5. Thank you for the comments! Love; J/Bb:-)