Friday, March 5, 2010


That is it! When you see and hear a Red winged Black bird: Spring is here! Has a very sharp voice saying: Cheerrrr! It's
SPRRRRRING you can be sure.
The Grackle is a funny bird. In big flocks they look like black birds, but truly they have a most beautiful iridescent plumage with deep purple variety of colors.

The most interesting is that they have very light eyes in the dark surrounding feeders. They chatter a lot, quite noisy, aggressive for food even with each other. They are coming only in the Spring.

The American Robin is a delightful bird. She comes in the Spring running fast around looking for insects and worms. Stays only where there is a little mud, because she builds a beautiful nest with muddy stuff and inside gathers soft tissues to line the nest. Later in the summer you don't see them as often as in early Spring.

The Black Capped Chickadee is a year-a-round bird in our region. Because she/he eats a variety of food can stay in the winter. Most birds go to the South when the winter takes their food away.


  1. No, the picks are not mine, just borrowed it from here and there. Because this blog has no commercial interest, hope we do not interfere with copy rights.

  2. Interesting bird info.

    Birds are nice garden guests. Today the sun is shining, and there are lots of birds outside at the feeding place , eating and singing. So nice :)

    Have you received the gift I sent you? If not it should be there in the beginning of next week.

  3. Heisann!

    Beautiful colors of the birds. The two first are so majestic! Enjoy spring!
    You can see a photo of Lia in winterlandscape on
    We will spend some days during Easter there to practice crosscounrtyskiing.
    Have a nice week!

  4. To Hilde: E-mail is faster than blogging! Yeah, because the first thing is always to open the mailbox! If you see your mail from today: photos are there! What a warmth is in that shawl! The warmth of the Love you made it with.
    Wish you a nice week coming up
    Do you know that in this country next week on 14 March Daylight saving time comes in effect.
    With my best wishes: J/Bb :-)

  5. Hello Vilt og Vakkert! Thanks for the comment. I am telling you that have trouble finding your blog! Which is the MAIN-BLOG???? In your profile are 4 blogs, but I don't know which is the most recent up to date blog?
    Sorry, but I'd like to write to you not only by answering your comment.
    I should get more seeds and than you can also give to other people. I'd like to give everybody because I am a Virgo--- Demeter, the Mother of Earth! It is proper for me to cover the Earth with vegetation! Love: J/ blue bird :-)

  6. What beautiful photos and info i just love to see the birds feeding in the garden. Living close to the sea the main birds are seagulls and a few magpies which are out hunting for stuff for their nests :)

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend x

  7. To Crystalrainbow I left a comment on your week end blog with the beautiful swans you photographed. They are really great!
    My next blog will be about the British swans they love to live there!
    Enjoy the good weather if you have one!
    Hope I can post today! J/Blue bird :-)