Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Month of May around my place

This is what you think is the marvel of the month:

Lilly of the Valley

until you learn that is a most aggressive plant

if let freely

will take over the entire garden and more...


Dogwood tree

For some reason

it is a New York State symbol

This year the flowers are bigger

because of lot of rain

and even the big snow helped to develope larger flowers.

My pride and joy:

Climbing Visteria
The flowers has a very

fine fragrence

This year

more flowers as ever

It is on the edge of the drivway
a most pleasant
entrence to my house

Next door neighbor
at the entrence of the door
this is the flowering
Azalea bush

I have also many Azaleas
which here
is easy to grow:
loves the acid soil

OOps: storm is coming
Looks like
a tornado developing. but no
just rain

After the rain
the blue sky
will smile at you

From inside the house
through the window
the sun is shining
as always after a storm.


  1. Photos are Blue Bird's stuff.
    But for the large spaces in between the picks
    you have to ask Google why is this and how to make normal even sequnces??????

  2. Kedves Júlia nagyon jók a fotók , tán még a virág illat is érződik ;)
    Azáleán bokor csodálatos.

  3. Heisann Nina! Thank you for your comment. What happened in Bratislava and South France? Lucky you having good times!
    Found Hilde also. Everybody is very busy. This is the time in gardening.
    Love and hugs: Julia/Blue bird :)

  4. oh i love wisteria :) beautiful pics and post ty x x x

  5. My Crystal is here! Wonderful you came to see my beloved Wisteria! This is the first year, that has so many flowers. I never expected after the brutal winter that my garden will recover as it did. Everything is late, but coming to life and richly bringing flowers.
    Thank God Cornwall never has such winter!
    I don't know what tyXXX is, but must be very nice :D)))))) Now I am going to see you bring you love and hugs! :))))

  6. Your wisteria is so gorgeous...I just must find a way to grow some in my garden. It does smell so very fantastic....
    All your flowers are pretty. Lilly of the Valley can fill in a space rather quickly!
    I am enjoying your blogs and getting to know you.
    My main blog, Q's Corner, is where I post most often.

  7. Hello Sherry! The wonderful Q blog creator. It is bookmarked and truly a faboulus piece of the most beautiful things in my collection among the blogs of the World. Love your profile: short and tells everything.
    I did not plant the Wisteria what you see. it must be 70 years old, as the house.
    Go Google search: How to grow Wisteria?
    Those blooming branches are new shoots. Needs sunshine and pruning. But also can invade every possible place what she reaches.
    Namaste ( ?) anyway: Julia/Blue bird:)