Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun is shining again

and brings some smiles to this God-forsaken region
so refreshing to see the garden furniture to be used again

Irises are old but they still bring flowers
on the right location.

My beloved ferns happily came back from last year total destruction
Everybody knows that you are a fat squirrel
photo: Blue bird on May 25,2011.

My dear Blogger friends: just let you know my very busy earthy schedule will not let me blog very frequently for a little while
Thank you for your patient.
Julia/Blue bird:)


  1. Süt a nap és légy vidám :)
    Szép a kerted ,az íriszekkel,páfrányokkal,na és a
    nagyon kedves a "kövér" mókussal:)

  2. Nice to hear the sun is shining again at your place :)
    The ferns and irises are looking great!

  3. Wow, you have a squirrel too! :)
    Nice garden, I hope the sun will cure ferns!
    Have a nice sunny day!