Friday, May 20, 2011

RAIN, RAIN when will end?

The rain day after day

treats delicate flowers roughly:

the Lilly of the Valley little bells

sadly hang down

in the rain

The dogwood tree

silky white flower's beauty

comes to an end

while the petals are falling

Few days ago

the much admired Wisteria flower bunches

knocked down

to perish in the wet mess on the floor.

But even so

they are still beautiful

as they were

little gems blowing away

into the nothing

They really don't like water and wet weather

But after a while

hunger will chase them out

when the rain stops


and find something to eat.

photo: @Blue bird


It happens time to time that the dark, colorless days

with a lasting, steady rain

comes around

to confuse you about the season:

a November looking and feeling


With much concern created blogpost by Blue bird.


  1. oh such a shame Julia they were looking beauiful a few days ago. Here it has been very dry in fact the garden really needs a good downpour but the forecast is sunny and dry all next week too will have to get the hose pipe out and give everything a good soak. hope the sun comes out soon for you too x x x have a great weekend

  2. Thanks Crystal for your kind words. May be next week we will get a few dry days. With hose to water your garden has much more control
    that beautiful England very rarely gets a destructive storm like here.
    Back to the crystals: where do you get them?
    Actually what is the mystery about crystals?
    Thanks again Love and much hugs for a happy weekend: Julia/bb :)

  3. Dear Crystal: I went to your blog and wrote a long coment for the summer house and everything else and it does not go to your page!

    The same with Hilde Fjell,- but she has an E-mail on the post of the blog and sent E-mail, becase the comment just never gets there!

    :((((((((((( Julia/blue bird:):(:)

  4. Te szereted az esőt ,csak a virágok nem ;)
    Szegény mókus kénytelen elő jönni az esőben , hiába a ""gyomor nagy úr ""
    Szép hét végét :)

  5. Heisann Blue Bird ;:OD)

    Hope the sun soon will shine in your nice garden.
    There the cold wind is a big problem. Don1t want to go outside ... but I must, much more to be done.

    Have a happy Saturday evening ;:OD)

  6. Nothing lasts forever, even rain. :)
    Very nice pictures!
    I wish you a lot of sunshine!

  7. Hi Julia :) So much rain! But it has to stop eventually, and the sun will return :)
    Here it is so windy at the moment that I do not want to go outside, but the garden needs some attention.
    Love the photo of the squirrel!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

  8. Thank you Ladies and Gentleman for your kind words. The Sun came out in mighty britness for the most of this Saturday. But than again the rain could not resist: a heavy downpour flooded my entrance in the afternoon, cold air came with it dropping deeply the temperature and for Sunday cold is the forecast.
    Truly a carasell with the weather: nice and warm for few hours, than turning just the opposit, stay to ruin the Sunday and so on and so an...
    Wish you a pleasant Sunday where ever you are!
    Since May is the nicest month: dream about it. Love and hugs: Julia/bb :)

  9. Ohhhhhhh I'd love to see a squirrel one day,