Saturday, February 12, 2011


It is real: genuine melting snow on a parking lot

Truly getting better every day

A little leaf looking for a Valentine

Serious obstacles to passing through

Arriving in the store is much friendlier
cheerful with colors
for Valentine decorations

"We all are looking for a Valentine
to share our sweetness"

It's a balloon for you
"Be my tweetheart"
as it goes in these days
photos @Blue bird


  1. Me too!
    We had some snow melt up here last week (Saskatchewan) and we saw a skunk out walking, so spring can't be far away.

  2. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY! To All my tweethearts sending sweet kisses and hugs specially made for this day.
    Thank you Perta,and welcome into my friend's circle hope you are going to like what Nature Talks to you too!
    Hello Canadian Heros! Katie: congratulation that you have the courage to live there!
    What I learned about Canada was always in the warm mellow air in the smmer time.
    Wow! This winter was really though. Hope to get out of it, slowly but surely! Enjoy the week with greetings from St. Valentine!
    Thanks Ladies to stopping by!

  3. Heisann!
    Yes, I like to, but I'm a bit late.
    Why not a Valentine' s each week;:OD)
    Hope you would be mine ....
    Happy Friday, Blue Bird!

  4. Heisann Vilt og Vakkert! I'll be yours as I am falling apart in every direction!
    You know this winter got my nerves system to the ultimate endurance show down. Ajjaj! Now even more crazy: warm and a lady friend came with bearfoot! I guess have to make a new post:
    The justification of the groundhog: look it works! They all out running arouns in this Spring weather. :OD:))))))))))

  5. Hi Julia~

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again, feeling better so will be back posting fairly regularly now.

    Hope Spring is on it's way to you!