Friday, February 4, 2011

Shadow or not shadow?

It's about February 2, when it is crucial if the groundhog comes out or not? But some places like in Europe it is the BEAR to watch on this day

( a very famous bear)
telling the other bears
that on February 2
Shadow or not to shadow?
This is the question!

Shadow is no good,
because only in sunshine can a bear see his shadow
which means
a nice day.
That is only to fool you
because winter is
not over
and will go back to sleep
for 40 more wintry days! :(

We used to play
shadow making with hands
on the wall
when light is coming from the back

What is it?
A shadow of a....?

All right now: this is a
barking dog
to let you know
he can see his shadow!
This year in 2011 in our region
was such miserable day
that no animal would
want to come out
but certainly was no shadow to see
of anything or anybody.

Somehow for TV show
in New York and Pennsylvania
they dragged the poor animal out
asking the question
but went back to sleep
exhausted after the show.
Fallowing night was the coldest night
of the season.

What else than?
"give me an other storm.."
as it is going on here
perhaps 40 more days!
wow! That is wow
and the shadow game
is not a science
that is the trouble.
Shadow or not to shadow
is not the answer
just wait and see
and shovel the coming more snow


  1. Nature Talks loud and clear!
    Vaumau has no intention to push Nature Talks out!
    Author: Blue bird :)

  2. I wondered what happened to the groundhog, LOL. We don't have television, so I don't keep up with things. We did have a miserable day here too.

  3. Sweet bears, and I enjoyed the shadow photos. Nice :)

    Hope you have a nice weekend, Julia!

  4. Hello Leigh! In the morning on Feb.2 it was that they will forget about the groundhog show today, but finally they did dragged them out. I did not see the TV show ( I don't watch) but my neighbor said that later they had in both places: Pennsylvania and New York.
    Certainly the weather was outstandingly nasty!
    No shadow? End of winter? Huh, not here yet.
    Love: Julia/bb :)

  5. Hello Hilde! Thanks for your comment. It is fun to play, but the weather is not playful at all.
    Today Saturday is raining and the temp is up. Hope will not freeze and helps to wash the snow away!
    But next week again will get the share from the storms.
    The entire country is suffering from this winter.
    Love: Julia/bb :)